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About Us

Cassiopeia Books is a new and used bookstore located in Great Falls, MT.  Our goal is to provide books to all who love them, and we believe in the power of books to entertain, comfort, educate, and sometimes even transform.  Our inventory covers most genres with strong sections in Montana History and Montana Authors. 

We have a book exchange program that allows members of the community to bring their previously enjoyed but no longer needed books to the store in exchange for a discount on other previously owned and enjoyed books.  This exchange of used books provides shoppers at Cassiopeia Books with a unique view into the reading tastes of Great Falls.  If we don’t have a book a customer is looking for in stock, we strive to find it, whether new or used. 


What do we do? We sell new and used books to the Great Falls and Montana community.

How do we do it? By buying new and used books, and by accepting used books from the community for a price reduction on other used books. We also locate new and used books for the community as part of our special-order service.

Why do we do it? We do it because books, authors, storytelling, and reading are important to us and to our community. Books, whether fiction or non-fiction, serious literature or escapism, stimulate our minds, improve our ability to see and understand the world and each other, and - in the best sense - create compassion for ourselves and others.


Can I order a book not currently in stock?

We are happy to take orders for books not currently in stock, whether new or used.

Do you ship books?

We are happy to ship books for the price of the book plus a postage fee. We generally ship books via USPS and at media rate, but are happy to discuss other shipment methods.

Do you offer discounts for educators, book clubs, or military?

We offer a 20% discount for educators and book clubs, and a 10% discount for military.

Do you buy books?

We sometimes buy books of specific genres, usually Montana History or Native American history.

We also offer a book exchange program for other book genres we sell. Bring us up to 15 used books at a time, and we will give you $1 off the price of any other used book in the store for each book you bring in. We keep a record of any unused credits and you can use them at a later time.

We do not accept textbooks, self-help books, proselytizing religious or political books, or instructional manuals (like "How to Knit", "How to Use ...", etc.). We are not currently accepting hardback romance, mystery, thrillers, or westerns at this time. We do not sell books on consignment.

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